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Born in Ukraine and educated in the NYC public school system, Dmitriy Shakhnevich earned his law degree at New York Law School. He has developed a reputation firmly built on his superior knowledge and understanding of the justice system in NYC.

Mr. Shakhnevich founded his practice with the understanding that experience and skill are only effective when supplemented with client communication and trust. These qualities have left a strong impact on the lives of the clients he represents.

Mr. Shakhnevich prides himself on accessibility and care. Both are necessary characteristics in attorneys involved in defending criminal cases and prosecuting personal injury cases in the Big Apple. 

Featured In/Representative Cases Featured In: Bleacher Report, The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, New York Post, The New York Times, Newsday, Newsweek, SB Nation, Thomson Reuters, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.


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Fear is something that you have to throw into a corner. Constantly. Because it never goes away.
— F. Lee Bailey

Helping Real People Who Need Real Help

The Law Firm of Dmitriy Shakhnevich finds it far more gratifying to represent individuals, by combining refined skills and expertise with unmatched personal attention.

The firm's philosophy generally focuses its craft on the representation of people, rather than corporations and large business entities. This path has proven engaging and challenging. However, it has also provided Mr. Shakhnevich with the opportunity to cultivate his practice to relieve those under pressure, fear or intimidation from government entities or large organizations.

The firm's diligent and effective representation has saved the lives of numerous individuals from various walks of life. Mr. Shakhnevich has represented medical professionals, attorneys, educators, business owners, contractors, real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, actors and numerous other individuals involved in the legal system.

Experienced NYC Criminal Defense Attorney

Over the course of his career, one that began when Mr. Shakhnevich was a teenager, he has worked on criminal cases in all of the five boroughs of New York City, as well as other cities in the State of New York and numerous other states.

He has represented clients charged with various misdemeanors (including DWIs and domestic violence offenses), felonies, violent crimes, federal offenses and white-collar crimes. He has represented clients from the point of arrest through sentencing, as well as on appeal and in post-conviction efforts.

Being investigated for or charged with a crime in NYC is no laughing matter. The consequences, both direct and collateral, may be everlasting and painful. The assistance of an attorney intimately involved with such cases on a daily basis is crucial in surviving.

Personal Injury Attorney
NYC & Brooklyn

While the firm's practice in criminal law involves the protection of those unfairly and improperly treated by the government, Mr. Shakhnevich's representation of victims of serious personal injuries allows his firm to recover compensation for those injured due to the neglect and carelessness of others.

In all fairness, those wronged through the conduct of others deserve to seek redemption through our legal system, whether the injury results from a car accident, trip/slip and fall, dog bite, construction accident, accident at work or nursing home neglect.

Mr. Shakhnevich's primary goal for his clientele is to create stability in their lives once again. This stability comes in many forms: moral, financial, emotional and psychological.

Civil Litigation Attorney in NYC

The old saying is that every good lawyer tries to avoid litigation for his or her client. Yes, that is generally true. But sometimes, conflicts arise that make litigation unavoidable. If such a situation presents itself, there is no way out. An aggressive, hard-working and forceful civil litigation attorney in New York City must be hired to fight for your rights in court. Most lawsuits in business or personal settings carry severe legal implications from the moment of their commencement. The earlier an attorney is hired, the better job the client is doing of protecting his or her interests and limiting exposure. Our NYC and Brooklyn law firm also represents clients in employment settings, in actions involving wrongful termination, discrimination and unpaid wages.

NYC & Brooklyn Matrimonial and Family Law Firm

To say cases involving the family dynamic, in an adversarial setting, are difficult is an enormous understatement. Family cases are typically known for carrying the most severe emotional, psychological and financial consequences in the entire New York City legal system. The issues in dispute in family cases are hugely significant, having to do with one’s treatment of children, the sufficiency of support payments and whether Orders of Protection are required to shield one family member from another, among a plethora of other equally challenging issues. A well-versed family law attorney in NY that can tap into the emotional atmosphere of a case and carefully assess the best possible approach is critical.

NYC Lawyer for
Entertainment Law

The entertainment world is changing and what may have been considered entertainment ten (10) years ago is no longer subject to the same limiting, restrictive and concrete standards. We are living in a world where the rise of the Internet, social media and YouTube has turned the legal industry upside down. While most conventional law firms refuse to adjust their practices to the changing times, our firm understands the complexities involved in practicing law in today’s newly-discovered entertainment worlds and mediums.

Meet Dmitriy Shakhnevich

An arrest in this city is no joke. Don’t treat it like one.


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