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  • Felonies
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Crimes
  • Federal Offenses
  • Violent Crimes
  • DWIs
  • Misdemeanors
  • White Collar Crimes

Whether one is being investigated, prosecuted, sentenced or seeking to appeal, the consequences that lie in criminal practice are unparalleled in the law. As soon as an arrest takes place (even if a DAT is issued), one can rest assured that his or her life will never be the same. Such an event will potentially impact one’s ability to get a job, apply to college and even stay in the United States.


From the start, the most critical factor in achieving a successful result in a criminal case is the hiring of a dedicated, hardworking and aggressive criminal attorney. That is because attention to detail is the key in establishing a firm defense, and hiring an attorney who knows what to look for is most important.


Perhaps certain evidence that the prosecution will seek to use was unconstitutionally obtained? Maybe the facts underlying the case warrant a reduction in charges? Can the case be taken to trial or is the evidence stacked so high that the careful negotiation of a favorable plea is the only option? The answers to these questions and many others are what a good attorney can and should provide.


While each case is specific to its facts, the benefit of being represented by a good criminal defense attorney is vital in successfully defending a criminal case.


The defense of criminal cases requires a particular set of qualities in an attorney, combining calculated aggression with compassionate communication. The complexities of the criminal justice system are designed so that the smallest mistake or wrongful act can lead to consequences from which there are no return. In dealing with the police, prosecutors and other agencies within the criminal justice system, an experienced attorney can navigate those deep waters so as to maximize the potential that the client escapes unscathed and unharmed.


While most of the legal system is structured around the winning and losing of money, in criminal cases, freedom and liberty are at stake. For that reason, the attention to detail that is required in the successful representation of a client in a criminal case involves unmatched skill, experience and an open-minded attitude in court and elsewhere. Dmitriy Shakhnevich has the experience that gives him unique insight into the successful representation of a client under investigation, or being prosecuted, by the government.



  • Construction Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Nursing Home Neglect
  • Trip/Slip & Falls
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Work Accidents

Unfortunately, physical injuries are a sad part of life. In most cases, those injured have to simply lick his or her wounds and move on with life. However, in certain cases, injuries can be caused by the negligence of others. In these cases, the law provides those injured with an outlet. That outlet comes in the form of a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party.


A lawsuit can be based on a landowner failing to properly monitor his or her property, an automobile driver texting and failing to stop before hitting a pedestrian, a dog owner allowing his dog to sprint away and viciously bite an innocent person or a doctor thinking about something else during a patient’s visit and failing to notice a potentially damaging health-related problem. In any of these, the courts have developed a system in which the wrongful parties are held accountable.


In order to make use of this process, a lawyer that knows how to properly litigate a personal injury case is a necessity. From asking the right questions at a deposition to meeting with experts to discuss injuries, a skillful personal injury lawyer must understand the pros and cons of how to litigate a case of this nature. Only then can those who acted improperly and injured others be held accountable.


NYC lawyer Dmitriy Shakhnevich believes that personal injury cases commonly give rise to numerous unforeseen issues and unanticipated hurdles throughout the course of the representation. If a client is injured, the road to financial recovery will vary from case to case. Every accident arises from a unique set of facts. For this reason, it is important to contact an experienced attorney right away.


Our firm has handled numerous personal injury cases. Over the years, we have developed in-depth knowledge of the applicable law and the claim process. Generally, the laws are designed to protect victims. These laws, of course, have to be applied properly in order to achieve the maximum benefit from their protections.



  • Commercial & Business Litigation
  • Contract Disputes
  • Employment Disputes
  • Corporate Law

Most hard-working people have a lot to lose if a lawsuit is filed against them. If a judgment is entered, those people jeopardize the financial viability of their assets and risk wages being garnished, so detailed attention and immediate action is required. However, this action must be taken with care. It is important to hire a civil attorney that will sit down with you and carefully discuss the procedural posture of a lawsuit, the substantive legal issues that are in dispute and the steps that a client should take to protect themselves, in and out of the courtroom.


Defending a lawsuit is virtually inescapable, unfortunately. After all, once one is served with a lawsuit, he or she must respond or be deemed to have lost the suit by default. The filing of a lawsuit, on the other hand, is entirely different. If one decides that a lawsuit is the only measure left to recover damages, then the way that lawsuit is filed, the forum in which it is filed and the particular claims that are to be made are vital and critical areas of focus. In addition, what damages must the plaintiff seek? Perhaps injunctive relief, rather than monetary compensation, would work best to serve the plaintiff’s purpose in filing a lawsuit. These are all questions only an experienced and skilled NYC civil litigation lawyer could properly answer.


The stages of a civil lawsuit are complex and can be extremely burdensome. Many lawsuits are document-heavy and the taking of party and non-party depositions can raise one’s cost of pursuing their claims tremendously. Having an attorney that is able to navigate those deep waters while ensuring that the client is acting in the most responsible and cost-effective way are essential elements of fighting in court.


Fighting in court is tough, but going at it alone can be even tougher. Your litigation attorney must be able to put themselves in your shoes and bring such passion into a case, that it cannot be matched by the opposing party or anyone else. For that, however, the attorney that is hired must effectively handle the often-challenging and commonly unforeseen aspects of a lawsuit, from the initial stages of that lawsuit to the potential trial and beyond, your civil litigation lawyer must possess the skill and desire to succeed in court.


In our employment law practice, our firm realizes that the American worker is at the foundation of our societal core. We understand that when such a fundamental piece of our population suffers at the hands of wrongful termination, discrimination or unpaid wages, we all suffer. As such, our employment lawyers fight aggressively and forcefully on behalf of our clients.

At our New York City law firm, we put your fate into our hands and guarantee zealous, diligent and dedicated representation.



  • Abuse & Neglect
  • Separation
  • Relocation
  • Child Support
  • Orders Of Protection
  • Support & Visitation
  • Custody
  • Parental Rights
  • Divorce

Family cases are always emotionally charged, and an attorney must be sensitive to what a client is going through and provide exceptional representation. The circumstances typically surrounding any family case are extraordinary, so the attorneys involved have to rise to the occasion.

Some clients are different than others, as some require a certain degree of hand-holding while others operate independently and with comfort before a judge or in court. But a lawyer must not only understand the legal implications of every move that is made and every order issued by the court. A lawyer must grasp the commonly unnatural circumstances underlying any family case and make passionate arguments in court, so as to allow a client’s true needs and desires to be heard. After all, the topics at issue here are a client’s relationship with his or her children and relationships with other close family members.

However, sensitivity and diplomacy in family cases must not be misinterpreted by the other party and the court to mean weakness and fragility in one’s position. Due to the very dramatic nature of the proceedings themselves, lawyers must be able to make impassioned arguments on behalf of their clients and act with authority, within the confines of the law and ethical conduct. To make such arguments, extensive preparation is required. Lawyers in these very delicate cases must understand a client’s history, family relationships, financial situation, employment status and all of the other elements involving a client’s background to truly understand a client’s motivation and position in the case. In many cases, a Brooklyn family attorney has the power to request an order of protection against another family member in a domestic abuse situation.

Family cases are cases in which the client puts his or her entire life into the lawyer’s hands. Bestowing upon another individual the right to advocate upon your behalf in matters involving your family and children is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. As such, family lawyers in New York must have the wherewithal and expertise to properly point a client in the right direction, protect that client’s interests and speak on behalf of the client with the same passion and determination as if the client is speaking on behalf of themselves.



  • Film
  • Radio
  • Music
  • Design
  • Television
  • Multimedia
  • Visual Arts
  • Media
  • Theatre
  • Publishing

Entertainment law is a broad phrase that includes many different areas of law. From employment matters to protecting one’s rights in a defamation lawsuit, our firm offers a wide range of services in the protection of entertainers and entertainment companies from all walks of life. Our firm generally provides representation in this field in one of two ways: transactional representation and dispute/litigation services from a attorney. Both spheres of representation carry tremendous consequences for our clients involved in the entertainment industry.

Traditional definitions and understandings of what constitutes entertainment have changed and will continue to change. Lawyers must be able to comprehend those changes and effectively operate in conjunction with those changes to successfully represent their clients.

Transactional representation carries enormous implications for clients, and our firm fully understands and comprehends those implications. The sensitivity and care required in representation in contract negotiations, employment agreements and similar endeavors are vital for our clients. Many clients devote their entire lives to learning and perfecting a craft, skill or proficiency in a particular field and their blood, sweat and tears should never be forgotten by their lawyers. Lawyers should never be so fully removed from their clients’ lives to forget that.

Dispute representation takes place when a particular client feels wronged or violated in such a way that amicable resolution is no longer an option. In those instances, our firm is hired to initiate adversarial efforts to right a wrong in a way that only lawyers with in-depth and detailed knowledge of the legal system can. If the aforementioned efforts lead to a lawsuit or require representation in court, then a lawyer must possess sufficient understanding of the litigation process to properly represent a client’s interests in a court of law.